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Filming and photography are some of the services that are offered by Adaptdo Arts and Films  

Fight Direction

Action scenes are one of the most desired elements of a film yet it takes an enormous amount of work to create a realistic and safe scene. It requires more than someone with a fighting or martial arts background to conduct fight scenes and physically choreography scenes that align with the script. Sensei MJ understands the value of coordinating fight scenes that are parallel to the flow of the script.

Sensei MJ has trained and taught actors who range from amateur to seasoned in regards to action and fight choreography. Fight coordination is virtually impossible in an environment where the cast and crew is not attentive to the cues of the fight coordinator. He once trained a cast within a thirty-minute window on set on how to take a proper fall and execute a mock fight for a scene. It made the final cut for the trailer and contributed to the number of 10,000+ views on YouTube in five days. Need fight choreography for your production ? Book Sensei MJ.