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about sensei mj

Michael Lassiter  Jr. (Commonly known as Sensei MJ) is an action choreographer, martial artist and filmmaker who is native from Virginia. Sensei MJ his training in martial arts for virtually twenty years in  has been training in martial arts for virtually twenty years and has taught self-defense for over a decade. He holds black belts in multiple systems which include but not limited to, shinka ryu ninjutsu, combat goju ryu and american modern aikido. He also has trained in quarter tactics during his service in a military police company and is certified to teach universal Jeet Kune Do.  After performing his first background role in an award-winning feature film, he continues to strive in polishing his skills as an action choreographer. He directed a short film entitled "Scales" which reached international audiences and is slated for a sequel. He previously choreographed the action for the short film "Adapt" and the trailer rapidly drew numbers with views surpassing 30K in five days. He was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors and he recently accepted the Who's Who Legend Award in the Martial Arts.